What is Colour Mill Edible Food Colour?

If you haven’t heard about Colour Mill food colours yet, you must have been living under the rock. Colour Mill is the newest and hottest product out on the food colour market at the moment.

What Makes Colour Mill Products So Amazing?

Standard food colours come usually in liquid or powder form. Liquid food colours divide into actual liquid food colours and gel food colours. Colour Mill food colouring is none of the above and is actually oil based food dye. Being oil-based food colour, means that it can be used to colour pretty much anything and everything, which includes products that are oil based too, like chocolate and Swiss meringue buttercream.

Can I use Water Based Food Colours for Chocolate?

No, you can’t. Gel food colours are based on water, water and oil won’t mix. When you’re trying to use gel food colours in chocolate, you will end up with seized chocolate. When you’re trying to use gel food colours in buttercream (especially Swiss meringue buttercream) you will only get super light shades of colour, no matter how much food colouring you add.

Colour Mill food colours are oil based and make all the difference in a world. Basically, Colour Mill colours are specially formulated to work anything that is oil based, as well as anything else really. So, one colour works for everything.


Some Other Awesome Facts About Colour Mill Colours

Not that you really need anything else to love Colour Mill edible food colours, but here are some more fun facts that you might not have known.

  • Colour Mill oil-based food colours are made right here in Australia, so when you buy them, you will support local Aussies and their families.
  • Colour Mill edible food colours are free of any allergens, so safe to consume for everyone. They are also halal, kosher and vegan, which is so important these days. So, they do cater for everyone, and aren’t discriminating anyone.
  • Colour Mill has also brought out another amazing product-Colour Mill booster. Which can be used with normal gel or liquid food colours, to make their colours more vibrant and deeper. This is especially good for liquid food colours, that can be less concentrated then rest of the edible food dyes are.

So, if you haven’t tried Colour Mill food colouring as of yet, you should definitely give them a go, and you won’t be disappointed.